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About Arabic Verb Conjugator Pro

The Arabic Verb Conjugator Pro is an app that aims to provide students (beginner, intermediate) learning Modern Standard Arabic with an offline tool to conjugate verbs.

Users only make a one-time payment when purchasing this app.

Main themes of this app:
1) Verb conjugation
2) Quizzes: root finder, conjugation, translate up to top 50 Quran verbs, translation
3) Vocabulary list of over 100 verbs

*** Exclusive features to Pro version users ***
1. No ads
2. Quiz: Top 10 Quran Verbs
2. Quiz: Top 11-20 Quran Verbs
3. Quiz: Top 21-50 Quran Verbs
4. Quiz: Top 51-75 Quran verbs

Tenses: Present, Past, Imperative
Moods: Indicative, Subjunctive, Jussive
Types of verbs: Sound, Weak, Hamzated, Geminate
Verb Patterns: Forms I to X, Iq, IIq

Requirements: Arabic keyboard (eg. Google keyboard)

We gladly welcome your feedback on this app, including any bugs and errors. Do drop us a comment and give us a rating!

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مَا شَآءَ ٱللَّهُ تَبَارَكَ اللَّهُ 👍👍👍
Samsiah Husain
It's Very good app. Please add Verb form-- اِحْرَنْجَمَ، اِطْمَأَنَّ، اِخْشَوْشَنَ، اِدْهَامَّ، اِجْلَوَّذَ، اِثَّاقَلَ، اِطَّهَّرَ.
উসমানী মাদ্রাসা المدرسة العثمانية
Barak Allaah Allaah feekum beautiful grammar app ... what I waa looking for.. it is very helpful ... jazak Allah u khairan.
Ayisha Saniya