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About Outfit Tracker: Diary Planner AI Clothing Tracking

Never have that embarrassing fashion faux pas moment...

...when you show up with the same outfit!

Did I already wear this in front of them? What did I wear to the party last Saturday? What should I wear? These are the questions you ask yourself when deciding what to wear to the party tonight.

Don't waste time trying to take a picture of every piece of clothing in your closet. All you need to do is take a picture everyday and let the AI system handle everything.

App Features

Outfit Tracker is an app that helps you track what you wear, when you wore it, at what event, and who saw you in it. No longer will you have to suffer the embarrassment of showing up in front of the same people with the same outfit. Your attire will always be unique. Its like having a clothes designer who keeps track of your closet space and helps you find outfits and acts as your outfit picker.

Camera integration

Add outfits directly from your camera.

Photo library integration

Add outfits directly from your photo library. Change date if needed to import old pictures.

Events tagging

Tag each outfit with a custom event. Keep track of parties, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, conferences, costume parties, and even what you wore to work.

Contacts integration

Tag each outfit with people that saw the outfit.


Keep notes for each outfit.

A.I. Search

Uses aritificial inteligence to find when you wore all or parts of an outfit. Will be able to match your top, pants, suit, jeans, jacket, hats, ties, frock, dress, and any other garmet.

A diary of your outfits

See a history of all the outfits you've worn on a calendar.

Busy days

Add multiple outfits per day.

Never lose an outfit

Everything stored in the cloud.

Across all your devices

Ability to store and see history of your outfits from any device. Sign in so I can switch between devices.

Daily diary

Take a daily picture of your outfit.

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Excellent app. Now I can keep track of all my clothes. Thank you!!
N O.
Great app that helps me organize what I've been wearing and when. A simple solution to my memory lapses! Cropping feature for pics a very nice option too for my obsessive compulsive streak : )
Patrick SooHoo
Love this app. Does exactly what I need. Impressive how it uses AI to find when I wore an outfit.
A Google user