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About Serbia radio: free FM radio, radio player

🇷🇸 Radio Serbia 🇷🇸

Listen for free, live and stream the best FM radio stations online and internet radio with our player Radio Serbia!

🎵 Our application allows you to stream all FM AM radio stations and internet radio stations in Serbia. Choose what you want to listen to: news, sports, music and more!

With an easy to use, fast and modern interface, treat yourself to the best listening experience!

⭐ Features:

√ Android Auto and Chromecast compatibility
√ Alarm function to wake you up with your favorite FM radio or internet radio
√ Share a live radio with your friends via social networks, emails or sms
√ Listen to the radio stream while using other applications or in standby mode of your smartphone
√ Program the automatic shutdown of the application with the Timer function
√ Save your favorite online FM radios
√ Use the magnifying glass to search for an FM radio or internet radio
√ Receive a call while using the application

With the player Radio Serbia listen now stream and free all FM AM radio stations and internet radio!

🎙️ Listen to more than 1,000 free Serbian radio stations with Radio Serbia, here are some of them:

Radio Morava, TDI Radio, Top FM, Radio JAT, Radio DAK, OK Radio, Bum Bum Radio, B 92, Cool Radio, Naxi Radio, Radio Nostalgija, Radio Pingvin, Radio Pink, Radio Stara Carsija, Gold Radio Branicevo, Radio Bubamara, RTV Radio Belle Amie, Radio Buca, Radio Dunav, Antena Radio, Radio Bum, Radio Ljubav, Radio Mig, HIT FM, Radio AS FM, Radio S, Internet Radio PINGVIN, Radio Kosova, Radio Gaga, Radio Kiss, Radio Banja 2, B92, Naxi Radio 96.9 FM, TDI Radio / Classic's Stream, Bum Radio 87.6, RTV / Radio Novi Sad 2, Radio Carsija, NAXI 80/e RADIO, Radio Beograd 1 / 95.3, Radio Koliba, Maki Radio, Radio Mackica / Narodna Muzika, TopFM, Serbia radio, free FM radio, radio player, online radio, stream, internet radio, RADIO 101 BEOGRAD, TDI Radio / Domaćica, Radio RomskoSrce, Radio Šumadinac Folk, Radio Južni Vetar, Radio Studio B, Radio Stara Pazova, Szabadkai Rádió, Radio Stari grad / RSG, Radio Stari Milanovac, Radio 021, NAXI EVERGREEN RADIO, Nisville, RTS Radio Beograd 2, MAX FM Jagodina 98.4, Radio Mackica, Radio Indjija 96.0, Radio BRAVO FM Narodni, Radio Konjicanka, Radio Puls, SKANDY, Pink Radio NET, Naxi Radio / Naxi Boem Radio, Krajiski Radio Dubica, Resavski, Moj Radio, Radio S3, Play Radio, Szabadkai Magyar Rádió, Radio, Radio Laguna, Radio Gold, TDI Radio / House Stream, Radio Drenasi 92.1, Radio Bubamara Svrljig, Radio Novi Sad / Radio 1, Radio Pancevo, Vaga/Radio, TDI Radio / Top 40 Stream, TDI Radio / Love Stream, Radio Maria Serbia / Hungarian, Moj, Serbia radio, free FM radio, radio player, online radio, stream, internet radio, Zlatibor, Karolina, Naxi EX YU Radio, TDI Radio Novi Sad, Folk Radio 5 Narodna Muzika, TDI DOMAĆICA, Naxi Boem Radio, Radio Trstenik, Radio Šumadinac, 100% Krajiški Radio, Radio Kruševac, Gradski, Kontakt Radio, Radio Moravac, Ozon Radio, Radio ADA FM, Radio Apatin, Pannon Radio, Radio Dzenarika, NAXI CAFE RADIO, Beograund Radio, Radio Biser Plus, Radio SKAY, Radio Stari grad / RSG 104.3, Radio S2, Naxi Radio / Naxi Gold Radio, Naxi Radio / Naxi House Radio, Play, Pink Radio, Radio Diskos, Radio Balkanfox, TDI Radio Bez Reklama, Radio Šumadinac Krajiska, Radio Malena, Radio Jugović, Panda Radio, Radio Backa, Radio Planeta, MAX FM Jagodina, Radio Vladimirci, USCE NAXI RADIO, VLADIX, VIP Radio, TDI Radio / Crna Gora

Send us an email at r[email protected] for us to add a radio that you can not find!

⚠️ The Serbia Radio app needs a 3G, 4G or WiFi internet connection

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Very good
Tihomir Nenov
Dijana Lukovic
First time tried, exellent sound, exellent choice of stations, very satisfied.Congratulatins.
Dragan Nastovic
Radi posao kako treba, ne cackajte puno, samo fina podesavanja.
Ameba Paramecium
zxy xyz