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About QR & Barcode Scanner App

QR & Barcode scanner app to scan QR and Barcodes. It supports all QR or barcode formats! 

QR Code Reader can read and decode all kinds of QR codes & barcodes, including contacts, URLs, Wi-Fi, products, text, books, E-mail, calendars, location, etc. You can also use it to scan promotions or coupon codes in the market to get discounts.

Why choose QR Scanner App?

Support all QR Or barcode formats

Auto zoom🔍

Scan QR / barcodes from the gallery

Scans are saved in history

Use a flashlight to scan in a dark environment

No internet connection required

Scan promotion and coupon codes💰

Privacy is safe. camera permission required only

How to use:

Point the camera to the QR code or barcode

Auto-recognize, scan & decode

Get results & relevant options

You can search for the products online, visit the websites, and also connect to Wi-Fi without entering a password.

Support all formats
Instantly scan QR & Barcodes. Support all QR and barcode formats, QR code, Maxi code, Data Matrix, Code 39, Code 93, Codabar, UPC-A, EAN-8, and much more...

Auto zoom
You don’t need to zoom in or zoom out. It’s easy to scan from a distance or with a small QR code & barcode.

Privacy safe

only needs camera permission, keeps your privacy safe!

Support flash light

You can open a Flashlight to scan the QR code & barcode in the dark.

Simple & convenient

No internet connection is required, All scan history will be saved. You can scan QR & barcodes from the gallery.

Price scanner

Scan promotions & coupon codes💰 to get discounts. Scan product QR & barcodes and compare prices online.

Prevent security risks

QR & barcode scanner checks the security of the QR code every time it scans.

Barcode reader & scanner

This barcode reader & scanner allows you to scan all the QR code, barcode, and coupon codes. It is the best QR and barcode reader and scanner that you deserve.

Scan QR code

Need a QR scanner app to scan QR code & barcode? This QR & Barcode scanner and Reader app will be the best choice! Scan QR and Barcode with the QR & Barcode scanner fast and safely!

QR code scanner app

Looking for a QR code scanner app to scan QR and Barcodes? Try for free this QR & Barcode scanner app!

QR code reader & scanner

The best QR code reader and scanner that you can find. Use the QR code reader & scanner to scan all kinds of QR codes & barcodes.

QR code Reader for android

Want a QR code Reader for Android? This QR code Reader for Android will be the best choice.

Barcode reader

The barcode reader is easy to scan any barcode. The barcode reader or scanner can auto-zoom to scan/read and get results in no time!

Barcode scanner app

Fast barcode scanner app free for Android devices! scan all barcodes & generate your own QR codes with the Barcode scanner app free.

Enjoy the best QR code reader app, which supports all Android Devices!
QR & Barcode Scanner is the most intimate scanner, you will never be disappointed. You can scan, Read, share and generate your QR code at any time. Come and have a try…!

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