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About QR Attendance Control (No Ads)

** This is the no ads version, if you want to test the free version to see if it suits your needs, go to **

This app lets you have control of the attendance to an event using QR codes, so you can register the hour of arrival and departure, and also tells the amount of time each person was present in the event.

- Uses text content qr codes with the name of the person for simplicity
- You can export the attendance list to excel (.csv) files
- Auto detect arrival or departure, and continuous scanning option
- No limits to the amount of QR codes that can be scanned

Exported excel files are saved inside the folder with the name "QR Attendance Control"

Observation: you must have installed Barcode Scanner from ZXing in order to use the qr scanner.

Instructions: To create QR codes, go to any of the free QR code generators that exist on the internet, select text content, and then generate QR codes with the name of each person you want to register. After that, deliver the QR codes to each person, so they can show you their code when they arrive or leave.

Good apps, next please do QR code generator with multiple cell in excel for example Employee ID, First Name, Last name and position
Somkiat Rangkla
Well written app! Suggestion: When in continuous scanning & auto modes it would be good if a repeated scan could be ignored within the first minute of scanning, to stop accidental in/out.
Colin Wood
It's okay i guess, better than nothing
Kit Ian Bayotas