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About Qsync Pro

Qsync Pro Android is a mobile file synchronization application that allows you to access files and folders stored on your NAS using your mobile device.

- Android 5.0 or later
- A QNAP NAS running QTS 4.3.4 or later and Qsync Central

[Important Notes]
- You now can select subfolders when adding paired folders. (Note: If a folder’s parent or child folder is already paired, this folder cannot be paired again.)
- Support for one-way sync mode.
- Qsync Android has been replaced with a new app, Qsync Pro Android.

[Key Features]
- New user interface design.
- Pair folders on your NAS with folders on your mobile device with the Manage Paired Folders feature.
- View the connection details of your synchronized mobile device and NAS on the Overview screen.
- View the synchronization status of files on your mobile device on the Background Tasks screen.
- View files that have been successfully synchronized on the File Update Center screen.
- Specify file extensions that you want to exclude during synchronization with the Filter Settings feature.

Absolutely fantastic app. Just set the folders you want to sync and it just works flawlessly.
Excellent! This app allowes me to sync any folder in my android device to my qsync folder in my qnap storage. I can now sync all my devices from pc, tablet, cellphone. The only 2 issues I find is being able ...
Flawless integration of files
Mike Koleosho