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About Webnovel

1) Massive Exclusive Comics and Novels
Discover our library of exclusive novels such as The Supreme Magus, Young Master Damien’s Pet, Nanomance Reborn, and tremendous translated novels like Library of heaven’s path, Lord of the Mysteries, Full Marks Hidden Marriage, as well as numerous adapted comics.

Read scenes from your favourite Webnovels, such as The King’s Avatar, Release that witch and Battle Frenzy. Come to life as you jump into a wonderous world full-filed with comic and novel.

2)Quick Daily Updates
Join our millions readers, looking forward to the Webnovel daily-updated chapters. The Webnovel brings you an unequal and immersive comic-reading and novel-reading atmosphere.

3) Active community That Loves To Read
Webnovel attracts over a million readers and authors who delicate all passions of reading and writing. No matter you like reading translated webnovel or original one, romance novel or Fantasy novel, with sharing common interests of reading, readers and authors come together, regardless of genre. Download Webnovel now. Start your reading or writing journey and be part of a fun-loving and active community .

4) Share Your Story and Gather Your Fans
Join with thousands of aspiring authors. Start you journey, telling your stories on the Webnovel. “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Join our bi-weekly writing prompt contest and publish your novel with our matchmaking system to millions of readers who share a similar interest in your genre. Find your voice and share you message with the world.

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Suami Pernikahan Percobaan: Pe


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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What kind of content does Webnovel offer?

Webnovel offers a library of exclusive novels and comics, both original and translated.

Does Webnovel provide daily updates?

Yes, Webnovel provides quick daily updates of chapters for readers to enjoy.

Is there an active community on Webnovel?

Yes, Webnovel has a large and active community of over a million readers and authors who share a passion for reading and writing.

Can I share my own stories on Webnovel?

Absolutely! Webnovel welcomes aspiring authors to share their stories and participate in writing contests. It provides a platform to connect with millions of readers who have similar interests.

Where can I follow Webnovel on social media?

You can follow Webnovel on Twitter (@webnovel), Instagram (thewebnovel), and Facebook (webnovel). They also have a website and a forum for further engagement.
Ivana Guzman
Very nice stories but there are Novel that needs to earns points . It's so sad
Lorina Medalle
There are a lot of great stories on here and the app is quite easy to navigate.
Carol Her
I'm only one novel at the moment and multiple comics and my experience has been very fun.
justin gumieny
I love it it's my favorite personal online library
Queenie Eaglman
It's amazing
Akash Maurya