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About Qewd: Video & TV Watch Queue

One app. Every streaming service.
Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and more
Powerful cross-platform search
See what friends are watching and recommending

Do you spend hours switching between different streaming services, Googling the best new shows, and trying to remember that movie recommendation you got last week? Download Qewd, and find what to watch next in seconds.

▶️ Every Streaming Service on One Platform
Watch movies, stream shows, and explore live TV channels. Browse every streaming service - Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Apple TV+, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, and more. Discover short-form video content on YouTube, and watch freelive TV.

🔎 The Ultimate Content Discovery Engine
One powerful search to explore every video-based platform. Finding the next series to binge watch doesn’t need to be painful.

🧔 Trusted Recommendations From Friends & Influencers
See what the world is watching. Get the best recommendations - ones from real people - instantly on the app, and start the stream!

📼 Save Any Video From Anywhere on the Internet
Collect videos from anywhere on the internet - Twitter, Reddit, or any website you want. Your saved videos stay in your playlist forever, even if they disappear from Netflix. If the content switches to another service, like Prime or NOW TV, Qewd will take you to the platform that lists the video currently.

📱 Share Your Favorite Content
Nature documentaries, binge-worthy dramas or educational video clips. Whatever you think is too good to miss, curate a personal watch list, and share it with friends, colleagues, and students to stream.

📺 Watch Live TV Channels Free
National News, Local News, Sports, Reality TV, and so much more. Select your interests, browse recommended channels, and watch all the live TV you’re hungry for - totally free.

Never struggle for what to watch next. Download Qewd, the best streaming app.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Qewd?

Qewd is a streaming app that allows you to access and browse multiple streaming services, such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and more, on one platform.

Can I search for content on different streaming platforms using Qewd?

Yes, Qewd has a powerful search function that allows you to explore every video-based platform and find the next series or movie you want to watch.

Can I get recommendations from friends and influencers on Qewd?

Yes, Qewd provides trusted recommendations from real people. You can see what others are watching and get instant recommendations on the app.

Can I save videos from anywhere on the internet using Qewd?

Absolutely, Qewd allows you to collect videos from Twitter, Reddit, or any website you want. Your saved videos will stay in your playlist and you can access them even if they disappear from the original streaming service.

Can I share my favorite content with others using Qewd?

Yes, you can curate a personal watchlist of your favorite content and share it with friends, colleagues, and students to stream.

Does Qewd offer live TV channels?

Yes, Qewd provides free access to live TV channels including national news, local news, sports, reality TV, and more. You can select your interests and browse recommended channels.

Where can I download Qewd?

You can download Qewd, the best streaming app, to find your next watch in seconds.
Great app. Having all my steaming services in one spot is really great! Now I can not easily navigate to the movie or series I want, instead of opening an app, deciding if it's a kids channel, mine or my wif...
Mike Linderman
Works really well... I subscribe to 5 different services and I can scan them all from 1 place now. Additionally, there are many more I didn't even I can access for free! Love this app
Brian Kalinowski
This app is so awesome. You will enjoy it too the fullest.
Vernetta Holden
Love it
Star Diamond
Great app
Stat Diamond
Really nice idea
A Google user