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About Quick Base

Quick Base is a custom application building platform that empowers business professionals to quickly and easily build applications that manage their data and continuously improve their processes. With Quick Base, you can collect and aggregate data, automate a workflow or process, and get real-time insights from a scalable and secure mobile-ready application building platform.

With the Quick Base mobile app, you can:

- Easily access all your Quick Base applications
- Add, view, edit, search, and share your data
- Securely sign in using biometric authentication*
- Use geolocation to automatically update address fields
- Upload photos or files from your mobile device
- View real-time updates to your reports and charts

New to Quick Base? Learn more at

*Note that to make it possible to sign in to Quick Base using biometrics (i.e. your fingerprint), your Quick Base password is encrypted and stored on your device. Rest assured, neither your password nor your biometric data are ever accessible by Quick Base. We tell you this because we care deeply about your security and privacy, so we want to be crystal clear about what's happening (and what's not happening) behind the scenes.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Quick Base?

Quick Base is a custom application building platform that allows business professionals to build applications for managing data and improving processes.

What can I do with the Quick Base mobile app?

With the Quick Base mobile app, you can easily access and manage your Quick Base applications, including adding, viewing, editing, searching, and sharing data. Additionally, you can securely sign in using biometric authentication, use geolocation to update address fields, upload photos or files, and view real-time updates to reports and charts.

How can I learn more about Quick Base?

To learn more about Quick Base, you can visit

Is my password and biometric data secure when using Quick Base?

Yes, your Quick Base password is encrypted and stored on your device for biometric authentication. Quick Base ensures that your password and biometric data are not accessible to them, prioritizing your security and privacy.
Great application
Adrian Pestana
Excellent Quickbase version.
Karlo Galue
This App is amazing for my line of work. It does not freeze or pause and I am able to get all of my reviews done in a quick and decent manner.
Lanessa Sylva
Gotta work
kathryn gibson
Matthew Rich
If you use Quick Base, this is a must in order to have all your apps on the go.
Stephen Arnold