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About Idle Train Tycoon

Do you love trains, railways and traveling?
Have you ever imagined to own your personal Railway Company?
In Idle Train, you can be your own boss and become a global railway tycoon!

True History of Railway Development
In Idle Train, you can experience the history of train development. Every new platform represents a new stage of human transport revolution. Some of the trains are designed by the real models of these greatest inventions. From the Steam Locomotive Invented in 1814 to the first electric locomotive built by R. Davidson in 1842; from the diesel-powered train invented in the early 20th century to the High-speed train now, Train Idle will demonstrate the amazing train history to all players through the game vividly! Besides, you can also find the changes of passengers’ appearance over time!

Interesting Idle Gameplay
Idle Train is an easy-control but additive idle game. Every workflow is in this game is automatic, such as checking passengers’ ticket, driving the trains and obtaining revenues from your station masters. However, as a boss, although your responsibility is extremely important! Your duty is to manage all your platforms and station master well. You have to allocate your resources and upgrade your platforms & station masters rationally and effectively!

Your job in Train Idle is to increase the revenue of your railway company so that you can
★ Unlock more platforms
★ Buy more advanced and faster trains
★ Expand your railway empire to all over the world

In order to increase your revenue, you need to
✔ Upgrade the level of yourself
✔ Upgrade every platform
✔ Upgrade the station master

Game Feature
- Easy but addictive gameplay
- Automatic workflow to free your hands
- 14 different platforms to manage
- Tons of amazing trains to collect
- Explore cities around the world
- Stunning landscapes & views to show history features

why you tryin to kill that old man by having him use a wheelbarrow?
retired one
MR.Karan Naik
this is an awesome game! Great time killer.When I was bored on a road trip,I would enjoy it. I LOVE this kind of idle game and now my girlfriend also download this game.Now she is so addicted in it that she ...
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