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About Find the Difference

Spot the difference & improve your attention! Easy & Hard levels detection!
Enjoy a brand new find differences game! Train your brain, improve your attention! There are challenging and relaxing levels that will keep you playing this wonderful game for hours.

This game will surely make a difference in your life. Feel yourself like a true detective. Scout every picture and find as many differences as possible.
Even after all clues are found, you will still be looking at your screen – pictures, scenes are so realistic and beautiful.
Multiple levels are just as challenging as real detective stories. And the scenery is as amazing as your imagination can imagine.

Gameplay that will keep you playing and enjoying:
-Start your own investigation story.
-Find hidden objects/clues, complete levels, overcome challenges, get rewards!
-Use hints! We won’t let you down, no matter how challenging levels are.
-Discover unique features and develop your skills!

Key Features that make this find differences game unique:
-The game is easy, yet challenging! Seamless UI, beautiful pictures, and wisely designed levels will let you enjoy playing, not suffering and struggling. A good game to train your brain and enjoy the gameplay.
-It’s not cheating; it is finding way outs! Use hints any time you need them without paying! Just take and use!
-Magnifier! Have a closer look by zooming the pictures. Check every detail like a true detective!
-Travel! Set off on your next adventure and find differences to investigate cases! Landscape, home décor, and, people, these are your puzzle areas! More areas are coming soon!
-No man is an island! Play together with friends, parents, and grandparents! Brothers and sisters! This game will be loved by all players! Even though they are the first time to try it. Because –
-One size fits all with – levels designed for everyone! Skill and knowledge are not the main things. You will develop them! All can play and win. Just give it a try and you will not regret it!
Find the difference now! Grow bigger, grow smarter!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the objective of the game?

The objective of the game is to spot the differences between two similar images.

How does the game help in improving attention?

By challenging players to find as many differences as possible, the game trains the brain and improves attention skills.

Is the game easy or difficult?

The game has both easy and hard levels, catering to different levels of difficulty.

Are there any hints available in the game?

Yes, hints are available in the game to assist players in finding the differences.

Can I zoom in and examine the pictures closely?

Yes, you can use the magnifier feature to zoom in and check every detail of the pictures.

Can I play the game with others?

Yes, you can play the game together with friends, family members, or even strangers. It is suitable for all players.

Are there different puzzle areas to explore?

Yes, you can explore various puzzle areas such as landscapes, home décor, and people. More areas will be added in the future.

Is the game suitable for all age groups?

Yes, the game is designed for players of all age groups. It can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their skill or knowledge level.
Good graphics .. quick response .. fun
I am 56 and have been playing this kinda game since grade 2 and love it still till today love love love it.
Donna Cox
Roy Child
Love the game. 😀
Deandra Rankin
Keeps you sharp
Paula Samuelson
Changed app that I had for this one, enjoy it more.
Rita Hall