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About Skipper Directory

SKIPPER DIRECTORY is a reference book for small ship skippers/navigators.

The compiler - sailing/motoring master-instructor Konstantin Lakin ("Marins" - Russia, "Trans-Ocean" - Germany, "IYT" - Canada/US, "RYA" - Britain), with sailing and teaching experience in the Black and Mediterranean Seas, Pacific and Indian Oceans.

The current version of the SKIPPER DIRECTORY contains the official information, adopted on the base of teaching experience. Result: fast search, palpability, easy learning.

The first version of the SKIPPER DIRECTORY contains:

- ICS Flags with Latin and Gerke (Morze) alphabet, flag maenings, codes of main flag combinations. Information complies with ICS-1969 in able of 2015.

- Horns and Bells in sight of one another, in restricted visibility, manoeuvring, warning, distress. Information complies with COLREGS-72 in able of 2015.

- Beaufort Scale on 12-point OMM/WMO Standard (Organisation Meteorologique Mondiale / World Meteorological Organization).

- Sea State Code on 9-point OMM/WMO Standard (Organisation Meteorologique Mondiale / World Meteorological Organization).

- Tropical Cyclones Classification in terms of different Regional Specialized Meteorological Centers (RSMC).

- Vessel navigation lights in accordance with the ColReg-72 latest edition.

The next versions are planned to be enlarged. Developer website:

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