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About PsychologyCompass

A scientifically backed cognition coach in your pocket, to help you reach your peak mental performance, and give you a mental edge.

Learn micro-habits discovered by the world's top researchers from Harvard, Stanford, University of Oxford and other top psychology & neuroscience research labs, to quantifiably enhance your key cognitive functions.

Try the coach for yourself to see why media publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc, Bustle, Vice, PsychologyToday and Thrive Global like to talk about its impact and effectiveness.


For simplicity's sake, think about meditation as the equivalent of cardio when it comes to your workout. It’s great for you in general, but it doesn’t target any one area for improvement.

PsychologyCompass on the other side, is like doing push-ups to improve your chest strength. It provides you with targeted “exercises” to improve any one of over a dozen cognitive functions.

IF YOU HATE MEDITATION -- That's ok, because there are people who absolutely don't like or cannot meditate. Our cognition coach is a fantastic alternative where you learn about very different micro-habits that you can incorporate into your life. And the best part is that our coach helps measure your progress along the way.

IF YOU LOVE MEDITATION -- That's fantastic because we do too. Why don't you add our cognition coach to your routine and get a mental edge to those who only meditate. This also helps diversify your daily routine a bit so you can keep things exciting and fresh.


For every cognitive function that you'd like to improve, you get ~12 micro-habits (lessons), which are backed by research. Every week a new lesson is unlocked and you get to try it throughout the week.

Throughout the 12 week program, you are prompted to do small micro-assessments, where you can measure your progress on a percentile scale.

Every lesson comes with:
- Quick but detailed instructions on how to implement
- How it works in the brain
- The research overview
- References to all the published, peer reviewed papers, backing this finding

PsychologyCompass can help you:

1. Overcome anxiety & stress
2. Increase resilience
3. Improve leadership
4. Improve sleep
5. Enhance focus & concentration
6. Improve communication
7. Improve emotional intelligence
8. Overcome self-doubt
9. Improve decision-making
10. Enhance self-regulation
11. Increase diversity & inclusion
12. Enhance cognitive flexibility
13. Enhance learning & memory

And coming very soon:

14. Improve remote work
15. Overcome psychosomatic pain


PsychologyCompass comes with a 6-week free trial subscription that allows users to take a cognition test and get 1 science-backed lesson each week, targeting one cognitive function. Users can at any time upgrade to a premium plan and change which cognitive function they would like to improve.

Upon the expiry of the free trial, users can choose to subscribe to one of these two options:

- $8.99 USD, billed monthly, or
- $89.99 USD, billed annually

The subscription can be paused or stopped at any time at least 24 hours before the end of the billing period. It automatically renews unless turned off. Users can go to the Membership screen in the app to manage their subscription. The subscription will be activated upon a confirmed transaction. Subscribing before the free trial ends forfeits the rest of the free trial period.

Any lessons received for the duration of the free trial or any paid subscriptions remain available forever regardless of subscription status.

Love this app. Very helpful for seeing your mental cognitive abilities improve with simple practices. The app is also smooth and good looking. I mostly like the focus and concentration part of the trainings....
Shayan Taheripoor
Very simple and clean in terms of design. Easy to use & navigate the app as well as lessons.
Darsh P
samaneh ghasemi