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About Dr. Prost - Kegel Exercise for Men

Regular to moderate physical activity is incredibly beneficial to overall health and prostatitis in particular. Of course, you can work out for days on simulators in the gym with a personal trainer and get a body that even Franco Colombo will envy. However, having a great figure and excellent health are two big differences.

Modern research has proven the unconditional benefits of exercise for prostatitis. For instance in the work of Liu Y. et al. “Does physical activity reduce the risk of prostate cancer? A systematic review and meta-analysis” the results of 43 scientific works on this topic were studied at once. And this is neither more nor less - 88 294 clinical cases! And they all have proven that physical activity (both professional and at home) is associated with a significant reduction in the risk of prostate cancer.

The most popular are Kegel exercises for men. You might be surprised, since Kegel gymnastics has traditionally been referred to women. However, there is also a male version, which allows not only to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles at home, but also to solve the problem of frequent urination, improve sex life, make an erection more stable, etc.

When should you start doing Kegel exercises? The universal answer is: right now. The prostate gland is a very insidious organ that can “keep silent” about its problems for years. You may not even suspect that prostatitis is already developing. And when it manifests itself, it will be too late to engage in prevention, and solving the problem that has arisen is quite expensive. Therefore, if until now you have not done specialized gymnastics, it's time to start!

And it doesn't matter at all how old you are: 20-30, maybe 40 or 50, maybe 60 or 70 years old... The Kegel exercises will bring you unconditional benefits. And if you do not want to perceive them as prevention of prostatitis (sometimes they say “I'm not that old for that!”), think of it as a useful warm-up with stretching elements. After all, every man should from time to time stop working like a dog, get up and warm up thoroughly. It is useful, pleasant and uplifting, and, nonetheless, beneficial for your prostate gland.

And you have everything you need for a successful start. After all, you have in your hands a universal assistant of every self-respecting man. Just open the Dr. Prost app and follow the simple instructions. Each exercise is accompanied by clear pictures shown in the form of animation. Click on "start" and than repeat the movements of the virtual personal trainer. If you are not successful, you can stop and carefully study each movement of the exercise. You can also fill out a questionnaire to help you track your progress and overall health.

For the prevention of prostatitis, you do not need anything other than your own body, space in the room, which is enough to perform some elements in the lying position, and a little bit of desire. But the main thing is the desire to become healthier in a natural way. After all, your future is only in your hands.

The content of all content presented in the application is for informational purposes only. Be sure to consult your doctor.

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