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About Gardyn

The Gardyn™ App is the perfect companion who takes care of all your plants, optimizes their growth for you, and gives you all the necessary advice along the way. Just enjoy healthy, tasty food and save time!

Once paired with a compatible Gardyn device*, the Gardyn App fully manages all the aspects of it. It brings to life Kelby™, your AI-based private gardener, who takes care of your plants 24 hours a day and lets you know everything you need to know about them.

The Gardyn App is packed with useful features, including the ability to:

- Get a detailed monitoring of your plants’ growing conditions: temperature, humidity, water level, lighting and watering schedules, etc...
- Adjust the growing conditions of the plants to suit your needs
- Remotely view your plants in crisp details by leveraging your Gardyn’s embedded vision system
- Get detailed advice on how to take care of each of your plants and know more of the goodness it brings to you
- Let Kelby, your smart private gardener, take care of your Gardyn and optimize it for you
- Let Kelby manage your plants when you are away or tell you when some are ready for harvest
- Order all the yCubes™ you need to refill your Gardyn from our broad portfolio of seeds

The future of food is now. We have the technology to reclaim our produce supply chain, restoring flavor and quality to our plates, time on our calendars, and nature in our lives.
We are busy parents, professionals, cooks, and food-lovers. We care about what we eat, how we live, and where our food comes from.

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Let’s Grow Healthy, Live Tasty!

* See for compatible devices

What a great garden! I love every minute of this garden. Happy with my daily greens and quality customer service when needed!
nicole wade
Not sure how, but thanks to Kelby I haven't killed my plants yet which is pretty cool! Going 8 months strong with my Gardyn and having salads every day- super duper love it
Sarah Lader
love getting ycubes with my membership.
Laurel Zaremba