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About Fidel Guide

Fidel Guide is a quick reference for the Ethiopian alphabet. Using Fidel Guide you will be able to hear a native speaker's pronunciation of the Ethiopian alphabet. You can search for Amharic characters in English, or if you have an Amharic keyboard installed, you can search directly with the character you want to find. This is the perfect reference app for those who want to learn to read and pronounce the Ethiopian alphabet.

Fidel guide is now available on Android and will never have ads!

In following versions there will be Amharic numbers, and basic phrases!

Special thanks to Hana Seyoum and Selam Alemayehu and Yohannes Tadesse!

Tufa Ejeta
This app is amazing for anyone who is trying to learn how to read or write in amaharic. I highly recomend it.
Melshiw Yimer
fantastic. what i was looking for but only found when i searched Fidel not amharic.
A Google user