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About Email App: Secure Mail Inbox

Access email from all email providers in one place. View all of your accounts in a single inbox, choose a specific mailbox, or filter to see just Unread or Flagged messages. Find messages by sender, recipient, or subject.

In addition, with a chat translator, gifs-stickers-emojis, call screen themes, edge lighting, and document scanner features; We offer you more than an email app with the vip menus you will need on your mobile device....

Email App: Secure Mail Inbox is the unique and customizable inbox experience that allows you to manage unlimited email accounts in one mailbox! Get emails faster, block spam, and never see an ad clogging up your inbox again

Chat Translator
Email App breaks the language barrier allowing you to chat with everyone even with people that you don't speak the same language. It translates their messages to your language and translates your messages to their language for all messenger and email apps, making it feel like you are chatting in the same language.

You can read and send messages without being seen so no blue ticks and no last seen from now on :)

Gif & Sticker
Email App provides you with tons of gifs, stickers, and emojis to express your feelings and emotions in your messages and emails. You will not have to worry about writing your feelings and what you want to tell, we have brought together the most trending and popular stickers, gifs, and emojis for you, you can use and send them with one click.

Call Screen Themes
Color phone personalized themes will make your phone screen stylish. You can set colorful call screen themes to your contacts to surprise your friends and loved ones.

You can recognize who is calling by displaying the caller's name and phone number on the new color theme. Animated call screen theme is a personalization app designed for Android phones that focuses on incoming calls and 3D live wallpapers

Edge Lighting
You are so bored with your home screen? You need a new Theme, wallpaper an exciting screen for your phone call and usage. So you need to use our Email app to power up the home screen of your phone with edge lighting.

Add aesthetic curved edge lightning on your mobile home screen and lock screen. Change colors, adjust the width, type of EDGE lighting border, display notch settings, HD wallpapers, and magical edge lighting. Colorful Edge Lighting with Light Live Wallpapers

Document Scanner
Best Document Scanner that has all of the features that a scanner should have in our Email App. Scan your documents easily and of high quality such as ID, passport, official paper, notes, etc. Scans are saved to your device in image or PDF format.

Pdf Scanner includes great features like the image to text, pdf converter, OCR, and much more for your office tool. Document scanner feature is a wide range of pdf editor tools that turns your device into a portable PDF scanner, can easily convert paper documents and images to PDF/JPG in just one single tap.

You can, for example, schedule emails, unsend messages, set an expiry time, use the app anytime, and much more...

You can connect all your emails with your cloud storage service and effortlessly back up your emails to the cloud, compose emails with advanced formatting right on your smartphone, or set up a different email signature for each email account you have.

Connect multiple email accounts in one place. You can also manage your calendar and connect 60+ app integrations to centralize all your work in one place.