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About Learn Japanese - 6000 Essential Words

Build up your vocabulary quickly with the most effective method: Visual memory method with pictures and flashcards.

This application is suitable for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels with more than 6,000 vocabularies with pictures and native speaker pronunciation. 10 main topics divided into 145 lessons with vocabulary in various themes will enrich your vocabulary significantly. Start with basic vocabulary and topics and learn new words every day! Review learned words and topics with flashcards, quizzes, listening tests, and challenge yourself with PORO's interesting games!

Main function
★ Detailed vocabularies
- More than 6000 words with pictures and native pronunciation to help you build up your vocabulary
- 10 practical topics divided into 145 lessons with vocabulary in various themes to help you significantly enrich your vocabulary

★ Learn with flashcard
- Effective review system with flashcard to help you learn and memorize new words
- Ability to display images and read related meanings
- Customize flashcard speed options to support your memorization process

★ Vocabularies test
- Customize questions to test vocabularies, reading, and word meaning
- Customize the repetition of the wrong answers to help you memorize the words you have forgotten
- Summary after each test to inform you how many new words you have remembered.

★ Challenging yourself with games
- Choose the correct picture according to its pronunciation in a given time, PORO's memory training games will help you improve reflexes and learn new words effectively.

"Learn Japanese - 6,000 Essential Words" suitable for:
- Japanese learners at levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced
- Learners who are preparing for JLPT, etc
- Learners who want to challenge their level.

“Learn Japanese - 6,000 Essential Words” app is still in the developing process, so we hope to receive your contributed comment to make it better.
We are a team that loves the Japanese language and always try to share our love with the community, so if you like this app then please take a moment to rate it 5 stars to support us! You can also contact us by commenting or clicking the "Feedback" button on the Settings screen.

★★★★ Please kindly contact:
- Email: [email protected]

Thank you very much and good luck to you!

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