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About Ice Scream Charlie Guide

Ice Scream 6 Charlie Guide is a pocket guide to the game Ice Scream 6 Friends: Charlie. In the game you have to stay alive in this terrifying/dizzying adventure in Ice Scream 6. Now you have to save your two friends .Explore the mysterious object and most importantly don't get caught by the horrible ice cream man Rod Sullivan. We'll help you with all of that!

About the app:

We created the Ice Scream pocket guide especially for fans of this game, where you can find a variety of hints and help in passing the game, as well as a little history on the game and the events in the game Ice Scream. This app is recommended for newcomers to the game, or even for those of you who have already played it. After all, our beloved developers will soon be releasing the sixth part of the game Ice Scream.

With us, you're in for a treat:

- About the game.
- The history of the game and the events of Rod Sullivan
- Who is Ice Scream.
- And soon, we'll be adding a lot more of the Ice Screamer's tips and tricks, as well as stories about the Ice Screamer.


This app is an Ice Scream 6 Friends: Charlie tutorial app created for Ice Scream players to help and guide you through the game and confront Rod Sullivan! This is an unofficial app and created by fans of the game.

All images and trademarks belong to their owners and please email if contacted.

Enjoy! 😊