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About Poker Ledger Bankroll Tracker

Poker Ledger is the best free bankroll tracker and manager available. No subscription, no in-app purchases, no restrictions, no ads!


- Accommodates cash games and tournaments

- Blinds, Antes, Bring-ins, Straddles, and even point games (e.g. Open Faced Chinese) can be tracked

- Create your own locations, games, game formats, and blinds (or choose from pre-defined options)

- View graphs of your bankroll

- Review your session history as weekly, monthly, yearly, or all-time segments

- Save time when entering sessions by selecting default values (in settings)

- Filter your session data by locations, games, game formats, and blinds

Coming Soon :

- More graphs!

- More Statistics!

- More customization settings!

Permissions :

Necessary for backup function :

People say "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.", but I want to hear your feedback. It doesn't matter that this app is free of charge and ads, I want to know what you don't like. Email [email protected] to let me know how I can make this app even better! There is no such thing as negative feedback! Just don't give me negative ratings :)

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Poker Ledger?

Poker Ledger is a free bankroll tracker and manager for poker players.

Are there any limitations or restrictions on Poker Ledger?

No, Poker Ledger has no subscriptions, in-app purchases, restrictions, or ads.

What features does Poker Ledger offer?

Poker Ledger allows you to track both cash games and tournaments, customize game formats and blinds, view graphs of your bankroll, and filter session data.

Can I track different types of poker games with Poker Ledger?

Yes, Poker Ledger supports various games including Open Faced Chinese and allows you to create your own game formats.

Will my session history be saved?

Yes, you can review your session history either on a weekly, monthly, yearly, or all-time basis.

Are there any upcoming features for Poker Ledger?

Yes, there will be more graphs, statistics, and customization settings coming soon.

What permissions does Poker Ledger require?

Poker Ledger requires read and write access to external storage for backup functionality.

How can I provide feedback or suggestions for Poker Ledger?

You can email your feedback or suggestions to [email protected]. The developer welcomes all feedback, including negative ones, to make the app even better.
Hey max I recently tracked 300 hours live and then lost my phone. I bought an iPhone and cannot download it as I don’t have android. Is there any way I can download it or get the tracking info?
Nick Nevler
Love it
Kenneth Fagioli
Good app for free! Only glitch is if you buy a new phone Nd reinstall, your info does not follow you. No sign in to keep on cloud so type all your results in a speed sheet before getting a new phone! I lost ...
Cheryl Spencer
Great detail
Kerem Oner
Easy, simple and free way to track my progress across multiple game types. Could I ask for more? Yes. For free? Probably not. Good stuff.
Jake York
simple and easy to use
Viet Luu