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About Poets & Poems, Write and Read Poems - Poemia

Poemia is the app of art that provides you with sharing own poems as fast as and free and allowing other people to read your poetry. Poems and Poets are waiting for your magical words. Easily, you can write and read poems with Poemia.

We love poems and now we are Poemia family!

There are love lyrics, passion lyrics, peace lyrics, poetry lyrics, short and long poems, poetry book, philosophical poetry and write poem with pictures!

What is poem? learn from poets!

A new land of poetry,
you are the poets.
We are the home of magical words,
are the breath for your pen.
Release your soul to the endless blue,
let us be your wings.

Discover the own poems of people and step into the land of poetry lovers.


- 360+ thousand poem and increasing
- Share poetry books
- Duel with other poets.
- Chat with other poets
- Detailed screen about.
- Share video with poem
- You can share poems with or without adding image.
- You can like the poems that people share and make comment.
- You can create a profile that consist of your poem and after you write 15 poems, you can win a poet degree.
- You can see the profile of other people and read their poems.
- You can choose more than 100 poetry topics and can reach poems that are about these topics.
- As being different the other apps, a poetic app design will be waiting for you.
- You can share poem with a single key.
- The number of poetry likes are showed in your profile.
- Poetry of the day
- Poet of the day
- Private chat
- General chat

Poemia was developed for making art live and presenting a huge land of poetry to the poetry lovers.

I still love it. Problem is I wanted to try premium. Money went off from my account but still on the old thing with ads and limited everything.
Len Eksteen
Great, i now can share my poems with our poem community in the whole world
samwel elkana
Loves it
Lisa Wilson