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About FocusX : Notification Blocker

Scrolling too much? Finding it difficult to focus? It helps you stay focused and boost productivity by using block notification.

FocusX - Block useless notifications smartly, one-click clean to keep your notification bar clear.

Useless notifications will be blocked smartly and collect in one place, so the phone notification bar will always be in a clean and tidy status. The app stops trash notifications from jamming and slowing down your phone, keeping your phone free from disturbing and annoying notifications.

🎨 Features:
★ Collect annoying useless notifications to make phone more efficient 🚀
★ Hide Sticky / Ongoing Android System Notifications
★ Show notification history logs
★ Schedule clear all - Notifications don't need to be manually cleared
★ Whitelist apps and keywords for more control on notifications
★ List of blocked notifications so you don't miss anything
★ One tap to clean all of the useless notifications
★ Without Root and ONLY necessary permissions required
★ Stable, robust, safe 💪

🔐 Grant Notification Access permission:
Notification Access must be enabled for FocusX in order to block notifications. When it is disabled, the app will guide you to the settings to enable it. Don't worry, the app will NOT collect and upload any of your privacy in the notifications.

👀 Find blocked notifications:
All of the useless notifications are put together in the FocusX app; Click FocusX on the notification bar you will enter Notification Cleaner screen and find all unread useless notifications. You can also launch the FocusX app to find them.

⚙ Customize the blocking rules:
If the default blocking rules can't meet your requirements. Please add app in white list to change the rule of specific app.

🤕 Known issue:
On some devices, the app may be stopped by some memory clean or security apps. Please add the FocusX into their white list manually.

💡HUAWEI Device:
[Settings] -> [Advanced settings] -> [Battery manager] -> [Protected apps] -> Enable FocusX

💡XIAOMI Device:
[Settings] -> [Permissions] -> [Autostart] -> Set autostart for FocusX
[Settings] -> [Battery] -> [Battery Saver]-[Choose apps] -> Select [FocusX] -> Select [No restrictions]

👍🏻Use cases
- disable securityLogAgent notification on Samsung devices WITHOUT root

🤝 How to tell us what you think about FocusX?
• Send us email: [email protected]
• Follow us on instagram:

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What does FocusX do?

FocusX helps you stay focused and boost productivity by blocking unnecessary notifications on your phone.

How does FocusX block notifications?

FocusX blocks useless notifications smartly and collects them in one place, keeping your phone's notification bar clear.

Can I see a history of blocked notifications?

Yes, FocusX provides a feature to show notification history logs.

Can I schedule a clear all for notifications?

Yes, FocusX allows you to schedule a clear all for notifications so that you don't need to manually clear them.

Can I whitelist certain apps and keywords for notifications?

Yes, FocusX allows you to whitelist apps and keywords for more control over notifications.

How do I find blocked notifications in FocusX?

All blocked notifications are collected in the FocusX app. You can click on FocusX in the notification bar or launch the app to find them.

Does FocusX require root access?

No, FocusX does not require root access. It only requires necessary permissions to function.

Is FocusX stable and safe to use?

Yes, FocusX is stable, robust, and safe to use.

Why does FocusX need Notification Access permission?

Notification Access must be enabled for FocusX to block notifications effectively. The app will not collect or upload any of your privacy in the notifications.

Can I customize the blocking rules in FocusX?

Yes, if the default blocking rules do not meet your requirements, you can add apps to the whitelist to change the rule for specific apps.

Are there any known issues with FocusX?

On some devices, FocusX may be stopped by memory clean or security apps. In such cases, you can manually add FocusX to their whitelist.

How do I enable FocusX on HUAWEI devices?

On HUAWEI devices, go to [Settings] -> [Advanced settings] -> [Battery manager] -> [Protected apps] and enable FocusX.

How do I enable FocusX on XIAOMI devices?

On XIAOMI devices, go to [Settings] -> [Permissions] -> [Autostart] and set autostart for FocusX. Additionally, go to [Settings] -> [Battery] -> [Battery Saver] -> [Choose apps] and select [FocusX] with [No restrictions].
I love this app you take care of business . I don’t get all the Cary notification any more ??
Mcintyre Brisco
This is the greatest app I’ve ever used. This app will completely stop all of those annoying notifications from those crazy telemarketing firms. I’ve had it for almost a year now and absolutely love it, I lo...
Cobb Romy
Jay Capiz Ariola
I teach piano and love it now that I am not interrupted to go check my cell phone because spam blocker has knocked them off. Best money I’ve spent all month. Janice
Carroll Blanca
Literally within seconds of setting up my FocusX, it blocked a notification with my, “Sleeping Baby,” response & the guy was like, “Hello, hello??” Love it!
Hansen Studley
Great app
Clay Souter