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About Taximeter

An accurate Androidβ„’ taximeter designed in conjunction with drivers and regulators. Join the thousands of professional drivers already using Taximeter worldwide.


βœ”β€ƒ Realistic β€œLED effect” appearance and operation
βœ”β€ƒ More than 200 predefined presets in over 40 countries ( Link: )
βœ”β€ƒ Latest presets can be downloaded from the internet and Planet Coops will add your rates free of charge for your drivers to download
βœ”β€ƒ Customizable preset with up to 10 tariffs
βœ”β€ƒ Custom preset wizard for easy setup
βœ”β€ƒ Lockable preset/settings
βœ”β€ƒ Calendar controlled (with tariff auto-switch) or manual tariffs
βœ”β€ƒ Location controlled tariffs (geofencing)
βœ”β€ƒ Ahead-of-time programming of future tariffs
βœ”β€ƒ Extras (itemized extras can be programmed via XML)
βœ”β€ƒ Minimum fare
βœ”β€ƒ Tax
βœ”β€ƒ Discounts
βœ”β€ƒ Tips
βœ”β€ƒ Yards/meters units
βœ”β€ƒ Hire log (text and/or csv format) with automatic send via email
πŸ’³β€ƒIntegration with PayPal Hereβ„’, Square Point of Saleβ„’ or SumUpβ„’ payment processing
βœ”β€ƒ Generate a PDF receipt which can be emailed or printed through the Android Print Service (Android KitKat or later required). Links can be sent via SMS or viewed as a QR code when cloud storage is enabled.
βœ”β€ƒ Receipt printing (Planet Coops’ POS Print app and a compatible Bluetooth mobile printer are required)
πŸ’‘β€ƒRoof light control (a compatible Bluetooth switch is required)
βœ”β€ƒ Event log with alerts
βœ”β€ƒ Resettable totals
βœ”β€ƒ Talking taximeter for the sight impaired
βœ”β€ƒ Use On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) speed data to calculate distance instead of GPS (an OBD-II compliant vehicle and an ELM327 compatible Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or USB OBD-II adapter are required. If you are planning to use a USB adapter check that your device is running Androidβ„’ 3.1+ and supports USB host mode.)
βœ”β€ƒ OBD calibration function
βœ”β€ƒ Support for wireless GPS receivers
βœ”β€ƒ Use the Preset Update Service to automatically keep your rates up-to-date
βœ”β€ƒ Data logging - log GPS position, meter state and fares to the cloud (incurs a small monthly charge to contribute to server costs). A basic online tracking facility is available should you choose this option.
βœ”β€ƒ API for integration with third party dispatch systems. Remote API access from different devices on the same network is possible using the Taximeter Proxy Service app.
βœ”β€ƒ Backup and restore settings
βœ”β€ƒ Supports Samsung Multi Windowβ„’, LG Dual Windowβ„’ & Androidβ„’ Multi-Window
βœ”β€ƒ Screen saver
βœ”β€ƒ Floating widget
βœ”β€ƒ User guide ( Link: )


‒  Private hire
‒  Medical transportation
‒  Limousine
‒  Courier
‒  Airport transfers
‒  Avoid being ripped off overseas
‒  Carpooling
‒  Family "taxi"

Visit our website, Link:, for the user guide and preset information...

Very good
rashpal singh
Exilent app
Jeff Haddock
Brilliant app