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About Polyfazer

The fast and easy way how to recharge your electric vehicle without any identification cards nor ID chips.

By downloading an app and completing a simple registration, you gain instant access to the charging stations in your area. The registration process is very fast, without you having to enter detailed information.

You can find a suitable station from the station list ordered by distance from you actual position or you can view them on the map.

Notification system will let you know, while your charging is reaching the end or it's already done. You can also ask other drivers about their estimated charging time.

Through the mobile application you can have access to all the information about your past charging including energy usage, price, payment method and also charging graph. For every transaction there is an available invoice document for download.

The app is very fast to install and use and the interface is excellent Note: Polyfazer app is separate from Polyfazer Direct app. The former is for stations operated by Polyfazer, while the latter is for cha...
David Benes
Very useful.
Petcu Razvan
This app is very useful
Alex Cristache