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About Carryless - Hiking, Trekking and Camping Checklist

Travel light - and remember to pack everything! Create your own hiking packing lists and camping checklists for your next adventure. Carryless is a minimalist outdoor gear inventory in your pocket.

Carryless provides a toolkit to manage and arrange your hiking, trekking, camping and backpacking gear inventory. It is designed especially for backpackers and other travelers who constantly want to optimize and monitor their pack weight.

Whether you are into hiking, trekking, camping, ultralight backpacking or any kind of travelling, Carryless is designed specifically for your needs!


Set up travel gear inventory
✓ Add items manually or import from existing sources (Lighterpack, Packstack)
✓ Assign items to custom categories (Sleeping, cooking, hammock gear - you name it!)
✓ Provide various item details, such as weight, temperature range or volume
✓ Define items as worn weight or consumable weight
✓ Assign custom tags for your items
✓ Add item photos

Build packing lists
✓ Slide items from the gear inventory into backpack
✓ Sort items and categories within the pack in your preferred order
✓ Real time weight and graph updates per category
✓ Rich-text editor to add appealing backpack descriptions. Include pictures of your gear and adventures!

Balance packs
✓ Useful especially when traveling or camping with friends and family: decide who carries and what
✓ Move items between packs and see real time weight updates

Start packing:
✓ Enable travel checklist mode when you start packing
✓ Mark items as packed, see pack weight updating real time
✓ Ensures you have all the gear packed before the adventure starts
✓ Good for comparing expected vs. actual pack weight!

Upload and share
✓ Upload packs to cloud, secure with a password
✓ Share online packs to other hikers
✓ View other campers' packs and copy items into your own gear inventory
✓ Online packs can be viewed with any device in

Export and backup packing lists
✓ Export packs as CSV files
✓ Support for Lighterpack, Packstack and Milestepper
✓ Custom CSV format specific for Carryless. Export items with all the details!
✓ Create backups of your app database. Use when setting up a new device, or when you want be persist the data outside your phone.

✓ No personal data is stored, profiled or shared to third parties.

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This app is very useful. I use it to track all of my backpacking gear inventory. It allows me to easily build packs for every trip I take, so that I know the exact weight and don't leave anything out. I love...
Perry Coate
It's fun and does the trick... just dont forget to save your packs. If you edit them. Multiple packs can be created..
Pril Treece
Amazing, have all my gear organized, didn't need to upgrade but $2 was worth it
mario demetriou