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About Pillars: Prayer Times & Qibla

Pillars is a new app built by Muslims with a long-term vision to elevate our Ummah – starting with Prayer (Salah). We have so much more planned! Join us on this journey.


Ad-Free – adverts don’t belong on a Prayer app. Period. That’s why our free app includes no ads straight out of the box.

Privacy-Focused – Muslims are entitled to their privacy. That's why at Pillars we take your data very seriously. Not only do we promise not to collect it for malicious intent, we avoid collecting it in the first place!

Muslim-Built – prayer apps should be built by Muslims. Why? Because we have your interests at heart and know the importance of Salah. We also best understand the issues Muslims face.

Early & Late Asr Time – choose your Madhab (School of Thought) and tailor your prayer times to the earlier or later Asr time.

Multiple Calculation Methods – choose the perfect Prayer calculation method for you depending on your location and preferences.

Prayer Notifications – get notified for each prayer time throughout the day. Option to disable notifications available.

Beautiful Design – we want to beautify the act of Prayer, a key ibadah (act of worship) in Islam. Therefore, what better place to start than with an elegant prayer app.

Free Widget (Apple only) – a beautifully designed widget for your home screen for quick access to prayer times (coming soon to Android)

*Coming Soon:*

Local Mosque Prayer Times– get prayer times from your local mosque on the Pillars app, including notifications.

Prayer Trackers – a great way to track your prayers and stay consistent. Perfect for new converts or those trying to improve their praying habits!

Fasting Tracker – easily mark days where you missed fasting and days that have been made up.

Widgets - coming soon (including multiple sizes & designs)

The only way to improve our Ummah's condition is to empower individual Muslims to improve themselves.

At Pillars we're building features to help Muslims improve their individual condition in multiple aspects of their lives - from the spiritual to the non-spiritual.

Download the app and join us on this journey inshaAllah.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Pillars?

Pillars is a prayer app built by Muslims with the aim of elevating the Ummah, starting with Salah (prayer).

What are the features of Pillars?

The features of Pillars include ad-free experience, privacy-focused approach, multiple calculation methods for prayer times, early and late Asr time options, prayer notifications, beautiful design, and a free widget for Apple devices (coming soon for Android).

Why is it important for prayer apps to be built by Muslims?

It is important for prayer apps to be built by Muslims because they understand the importance of Salah and the specific issues faced by Muslims.

What can be expected in the future updates of Pillars?

In the future updates, Pillars will include local mosque prayer times with notifications, prayer trackers to help track prayers and stay consistent, fasting tracker for marking missed and made up fasting days, and various widget options.

How does Pillars aim to empower individual Muslims?

Pillars aims to empower individual Muslims by providing features that help improve various aspects of their lives, both spiritual and non-spiritual.

Where can I download the Pillars app?

You can download the Pillars app to join us on this journey inshaAllah.
EXCELLENT!!!!! I am a muslim and have NEVER seen a better looking application. It's about time someone made a proper prayer app for muslims. Thank you very much for this incredible application!!! Your develo...
Haseeb Khan
Great friendly and clean UI. Great UX! Definitely recommend.
Jabran Rafique
a very sophisticated looking app. Sleek design and easy to navigate. Salah times are identical to local mosque timetables which is not the case with some other apps. No ads at all & privacy focused, so no pr...
The Kabilis
Great app. No ads either!! Design is very very slick, great user interface, super easy to use and navigate. Timings are very accurate and are exactly the same as my local masjid!
Zain Arif
Such a clean and smooth ui. A guarantee of data privacy. Ten out of ten would recommend
I just can't describe bow much this app filled an important gap in the Muslims apps space, it's just a first of its kind. Elegant, fast, no ads and privacy...all what you desire to help you as a Muslim. On t...