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About PickMe Merchant

Introducing the PickMe Merchant app!

Whether you own a high-end restaurant, food stall, cool spot, bath kade or any business selling food, the PickMe Merchant App gives you the tools to increase your earnings.

What is it?
PickMe Merchant app is the partner app for businesses registered with PickMe.
With the help of the Merchant app, restaurants gain access to PickMe's food delivery service, PickMe Food, thereby giving a considerably increased range and exposure to your business.

What does it do?
The app acts as a bridge between delivery riders, PickMe and the restaurant which causes the operation to run seamlessly and conveniently than ever thanks to PickMe's superior technology.

Using the PickMe Merchant App, restaurants can:
- Receive orders from customers - When a customer places an order with your restaurant, the app will notify you to confirm the order.
- View order details - Once you confirm the order, you can start prepping the order until our delivery partner arrives to Pick up the order. The delivery partner will pay you for the order and will have it delivered to the customer safely and easily.
- View your order history - You can view all the orders you have done and the order information

Download the app now to get started! Happy restauranting!

Siva Karusan
good app
Ridma Ranasingha
Thank you
Sirani Silva