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About PhoneWalls - Stock Wallpapers & 4K Wallpapers

Introducing PhoneWalls - where you can find beautiful free stock wallpapers and Exclusive 4K Wallpapers for your Android smartphone.

With thousands of stunning images included in the app, you can change your smartphone's look every day. We aim to provide all official stock wallpapers at one place in its full-resolution. Now you can download any newly launched smartphone's wallpaper without searching the web.

Key Features

Explore Wallpapers - PhoneWalls app by YTECHB brings you the latest and trending wallpapers from the recently launched smartphones.

Clean, Lightweight, Ad-Free Experience - The app uses Google’s Material UI for a buttery smooth lag-free experience. Not only this, but our app weighs only 3MB in size.

Exclusive 4K Wallpapers - With PhoneWalls app, you also have access to YTECHB’s Exclusive Wallpapers, this category includes Exclusive Minimal Wallpapers, Abstract Wallpapers, and Gradient Wallpapers. Yes, All are made by our team!

20+ Categories - With this app, you can explore wallpapers from 20+ different categories/brands. This section has wallpapers from every popular smartphone OEM’s like Apple, Samsung, OnePlus, LG, Huawei, Xiaomi, Realme, Motorola, Lava, etc. But that’s not all, our app also has recently launched iOS 14 Wallpapers, macOS Big Sur Wallpapers, and Android 11 Wallpapers.

1000+ Wallpapers - Enjoy a wide variety of different wallpapers from 20+ smartphone brands. Our app packs with the material, minimal, pattern, scenery, earth views, abstract, photography, realistic, geometric, and AMOLED friendly wallpapers.

Favorites - You can store your favorite wallpaper at one place by just tapping heart icon. It will easily let you access your chosen wallpaper.

App-Wide Dark Mode - Dark Mode is one of the must needed features for every app. And luckily, It is available on PhoneWalls with a dedicated AMOLED theme.

⚠️ NOTE: To make Wallpapers load faster we are using thumbnails in the preview section. So you may see low-quality wallpapers in the preview but when you open Wallpapers it will open in high resolution. Please don't leave a bad review for that, this is the intended behavior for better user experience.

Stock Wallpapers by Brands
Apple Wallpapers
iPhone Wallpapers
Samsung Wallpapers
OnePlus Wallpapers
LG Wallpapers
iPad Wallpapers
Realme Wallpapers
Xiaomi Wallpapers
Abstract Wallpapers
HD Wallpapers
4K Wallpapers
and other Stock Wallpapers.

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For any questions, please contact us at this email: [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is PhoneWalls?

PhoneWalls is an app that provides a collection of stock wallpapers and exclusive 4K wallpapers for Android smartphones.

What are the key features of PhoneWalls?

The key features of PhoneWalls include exploring wallpapers from recently launched smartphones, a clean and lightweight ad-free experience, access to exclusive 4K wallpapers, 20+ categories of wallpapers from popular smartphone brands, a wide variety of over 1000 wallpapers, the ability to store favorite wallpapers, and a dedicated AMOLED theme with app-wide dark mode.

How can I download wallpapers from PhoneWalls?

You can download wallpapers from PhoneWalls by accessing the app and selecting the desired wallpaper. When you open the wallpaper, it will be available in high resolution for download.

Are the wallpapers in PhoneWalls in high resolution?

Yes, the wallpapers in PhoneWalls are available in high resolution for a better user experience.

Can I find wallpapers from specific smartphone brands in PhoneWalls?

Yes, PhoneWalls offers wallpapers from various smartphone brands including Apple, Samsung, OnePlus, LG, Huawei, Xiaomi, Realme, and more.

Is there a favorites feature in PhoneWalls?

Yes, PhoneWalls has a favorites feature that allows you to store your favorite wallpapers in one place for easy access.

Is there a dark mode available in PhoneWalls?

Yes, PhoneWalls offers a dedicated AMOLED theme with app-wide dark mode.

How can I contact PhoneWalls for any questions?

You can contact PhoneWalls at the email address [email protected] for any questions or queries.
Loved tge UI and overall experience. Would definetIy recommend to people.
Ved Anand
Awesome man I used to come and downed wallpapers for Ytechb, now i can download and explore all wallpapers from this application 😊 Cheers 🥂🍻
Developer Channel
Good 4k wallpapers
Balwinder Kaur
Awesome 👍
Mihir Karmokar
Very nice wallpapers!
Chris Cummings
I Like the collection of wallpapers on this app. Recommended!
Manoj Shukla