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About Artistry Virtual Beauty

** Virtual makeup and skincare app analyzes your skincare needs and let's you try on top Artistry products. **

Smart facial detection gives you the most true-to-life makeup application in real-time or on selfie photos. Mix and match different makeup and beauty products to find the perfect look for every occasion.

◆ One-Touch Skin Analysis ◆
◇ Track your skin health with instant augmented reality skin analysis and Skin Diary!
◇ Analyze your skin in seconds scoring wrinkles, spots, texture, and dark circles
◇ Your Skincare Diary helps keep track of skin condition improvements over time with just one selfie a day

◆ Personalized Skincare Recommendations ◆
◇ Instant skin analysis combined with your preferences create personalized skincare suggestions

◆ Real-Time Makeovers ◆
◇ Try on makeup in real time with our amazing Makeup Cam to apply complete looks virtually before taking a photo
◇ Save and share photos with your favorite looks and filters

◆ Flawless Skin & Face ◆
◇ Easily adjust or change your skin tone, to give yourself a perfect effortless tan
◇ Add blush & remove shine to reveal a pristine face
◇ Skin smoother and toner revives tired and discolored skin
◇ Enhance your facial contours

◆ Beautiful Eyes ◆
◇ Easily apply eye shadow styles and colors for the look you want
◇ Give your eyes dramatic appeal with a range of eyeliner styles
◇ Instantly add volume and length to your lashes with the mascara tool
◇ Change your eye color to create a subtle or dramatic change

◆ Eyebrow Makeovers ◆
◇ Trim or color your existing brows for a subtle change that will soften your facial features
◇ For a complete arch makeover, try out eyebrow changer for dozens of shapes and colors to discover your most suitable look

◆ Apply Lipstick & Whiten Teeth ◆
◇ Choose from lip gloss or lipstick in classic matte or high-glam shine for the lip color and style best-suited for you
◇ Make your teeth gleam like never before with magic teeth whitener

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What does the Artistry Virtual Beauty app do?

The Artistry Virtual Beauty app analyzes your skincare needs and allows you to try on top Artistry products virtually.

How does the app analyze your skin?

The app uses smart facial detection to provide real-time or selfie-based makeup application and offers instant augmented reality skin analysis to track your skin health.

How can I track my skin improvements over time?

The app provides a Skin Diary feature where you can take a selfie each day to keep track of your skin condition improvements.

Does the app provide personalized skincare recommendations?

Yes, the app combines instant skin analysis with your preferences to offer personalized skincare suggestions.

Can I try on makeup in real-time before taking a photo?

Yes, the app offers a Makeup Cam feature that allows you to apply complete looks virtually in real-time.

Can I adjust my skin tone with the app?

Yes, you can easily adjust or change your skin tone in the app to give yourself a tan.

Does the app have features for enhancing facial features?

Yes, the app offers features like adding blush, removing shine, smoother and toner for the skin, and enhancing facial contours.

Can I try different eye shadow styles and colors with the app?

Yes, the app allows you to easily apply various eye shadow styles and colors to achieve the look you want.

Does the app provide options for eyebrow makeovers?

Yes, the app offers options to trim or color your existing brows and provides dozens of shapes and colors to discover your most suitable look.

Can I apply lipstick and whiten my teeth with the app?

Yes, the app allows you to choose from lip gloss or lipstick options and offers a magic teeth whitener feature to make your teeth gleam.
Its Good Apps, simple to use it
Wonderful technology
Nithya Jayam
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greats n easy to use it
Pieter Pieter