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About peopleHum

Join the new age of people platforms with peopleHum. A platform built from the ground up to take HR and people management beyond pure analytics, to the realm of AI. To real-time learnings and insights into your most important assets and drivers. People.

From candidates to employees to customers. See how hire, engage and nurture right for better business results actually works. Reinforce your decisions with data, insights and analysis, all with easy onboarding and integrations. peopleHum is meant for leaders to always keep their people engaged and aligned to business goals and results.

Hire Right
Now hire-right, effectively using automatic resume parsing, probability scoring, bottleneck remediation and more. A full fledged application tracking platform that provides you with insights and synopses to efficiently hire people that will succeed in your organizational culture.

Engage Right
Pulse check your employees, measure NPS and CSAT, find out about their complaints, track and resolve them, give your team a voice. Spur ideation with Idea Exchange, create tasks for follow through and much more. With the power of machine intelligence at your fingertips.

Nurture Right
Set SMART goals for your employees. Evaluate performance and trend for the best performing teams and individuals. Reward and recognize your people. Discover what differentiates your organization, find levers that work for improving engagement and business results.

Extremely easy to use and got some amazing analytics, a must try for all your company functions
Bushra siddiqui
We have used it for 2+ years and the quality provided by peopleHum is of top-notch quality and excellent customer service for very less price and hassle free easy on-boarding
Sneha Moorthy
Peoplehum is an unique hr tool. Its is quite easy to use and found it to be intuitive. Also, it is value for money.
Shruti Pawar