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W-9 PDF Form for IRS: Sign Income Tax Return eForm Screenshot 0
W-9 PDF Form for IRS: Sign Income Tax Return eForm Screenshot 1
W-9 PDF Form for IRS: Sign Income Tax Return eForm Screenshot 2
W-9 PDF Form for IRS: Sign Income Tax Return eForm Screenshot 3

About W-9 PDF Form for IRS: Sign Income Tax Return eForm

Everybody knows that the W-9 form is one of the most frequently used templates because filing a tax report correctly is impossible without the information it contains.

It’s necessary for both independent contractors and self-employed individuals, (as they are not officially employed) to provide personal and taxpayer information in this document and send it to the IRS.

You don't need to worry about filing this sample to the person you provide your services to as an independent contractor because you have one of the best tax management apps at your disposal. Using the W-9 form filler, you can complete the document anywhere, even on-the-go. The tax filling app can easily be installed on your smartphone and used for completing the current W-9 variant. Its interface is very easy to use and understand.

The income tax return filling app has numerous features, including:

✓ The ability to insert text anywhere in the template. It’s done by clicking on the highlighted fillable fields or by adding your own cells with the Text option.
✓ Simple navigation between cells by using arrows or by manually clicking on the needed field.
✓ Adding graphic signs, images, lines, check marks etc.
✓ The automatic inserting of the current date (or manually add the needed date).
✓ Digital certification. You can sign the sample with a digital legally-binding signature. Create it by drawing your initials with your finger, apply any changes and the system will automatically fit it in the corresponding field (you may certify the document using a default cell or add your own).
✓ A high data protection level. Edit the template in a secure environment and with the latest data encryption methods.

You can share the completed W-9 form right from the application. Just select one of the e-mail addresses from your contact list and send the sample. For security reasons, always ask why a person or organization requests the template.

If it’s a familiar individual or company, then you should provide the document since it is an IRS requirement.

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Don't download any other app except this one! NO fees and NO ads. Email the form right after it's completed and signed. You won't regret it.
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I had to fill out a W9 form for a new job but the link in the application was broken. With this form I did it with no problem.
Melissa Hensley
Dennis Sides