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About Paysabil

PaySabil provides a payment platform for individuals (Donors) to make voluntary donations to not-for-profit organizations, such as religious organizations, charitable organizations, and not for profit events and projects. (Receivers).
Receivers use the platform to receive payments made by Donors.
Donors represent that they are making voluntary donations to organizations of their choices for reasons best known to them.

PaySabil is not a party to any such choice or reason except as otherwise specified in Agreements to be entered into.
PaySabil intends to use the strategies of crowdfunding and technology to structure the hitherto cash-based and grossly abused donation collection system in many places of worship.

PaySabil will also serve as a platform for all faith-based charity projects to be listed and promoted for funding from people from wherever and whenever as long as they are validated by recognized community leaders as well as PaySabil in house inspection team.

PaySabil will NEVER register an individual/personal account number as receiver of donations. All organizations on the platform MUST be duly registered and with an existing account number from a Nigerian bank or financial institution.

Usamatu Danlami
Mobile friendly and a great app overall
Sahla Maigari
This is it. For all those times that I wished I didn't have to step outside of my comfort zone just to donate to a mosque, now I'm living it! Smooth flowing app and very simple interface. No problem so far.
Abubakar Nasidi