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About Plink

The Patriot Plink App provides advanced communication and interaction for Users, Bureaus & Patrols to their Patriot Monitoring Station.

Client and Bureau Access

• Users and Site Managers can access their accounts, view their sites and update the site details including Contact details, User details, Zone details, Schedule details and Response details. Signal and Activation history can also be viewed and reports can be generated from the app.

• Users can arm and disarm their panels and control panel outputs from the Plink app.

• Users and Self Monitoring clients can commission and decommission their sites from the Plink app which instantly turns monitoring on or off at the monitoring station.

• Bureaus and Dealers can access their sites, create new sites, view recent signal and activation history and update their client accounts.

• Technicians can view live signal history of sites, turn test mode on and off, create and update work orders including adding charges and signing off to complete the job.

First Response

• Users can receive Alarm and Event notifications which can be canceled if the User wants to respond to the event themselves or the User can fall back the event to the station for operator response.

• Users can receive Late to Close notifications and extend the close time, cancel the Late to Close Monitoring or fall back the alarm to the station for operator response.

Patrol Response

• Patrols can receive patrol job requests from Patriot Monitoring stations and accept and provide an ETA for the job or release the job back to the station if they are busy.

• Patrols can view the important client details such as site instructions, temporary notes, Users and the location which can use the phones mapping features to automatically provide directions. Patrols can update the job status from the app when they are at the site as well as adding in notes and response details that are instantly sent back to the operating station.

• Patrols can take photos while on site to provide visual evidence of any damage to the property, proof of completing the site check or work that would be required by a technician.

Patrol Site Checks

• Patrols can utilise an advanced Digital Runsheet to manage their scheduled jobs which will improve Patrol performance. All details of the site check will be automatically logged back to the central station such as on site / offsite times, checked items and tags as well as follow up notes.

• Patrols can scan QR codes and NFC tags that log them as checked back to the Central Monitoring Station instantly and for the end User to view through their Web Portal ( ICA )

• Patrols and Plink app users can setup NFC tags from the Plink phone app.

Welfare Checks – Lone Worker Mode

• Works with Patrols, Lone workers and Static Guards.

• Users can be setup with schedules and the Monitoring station will be alerted if the User fails to enable welfare checking before the start of their shift or if they turn off welfare checking during their scheduled shift.

• Users can send a Duress Alarm to Patriot Monitoring stations which includes their GPS location.

• GPS locations on both welfare checks and Duress alarms are sent to the Patriot Monitoring Station so their location is instantly available for the operator during response.

The different functions of the Patriot Plink app is configured for the user by the Patriot monitoring station.
Additional Modules may be required to utilize the features listed.
The panels and communicators that can be armed and disarmed & controls are limited to integrated brands. Contact your Monitoring Station or Patriot systems for more information.

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