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About Eco-Warriors™: Rodrigues Adventures

Eco-warriors™ is the First-ever FREE Eco-conscious Mobile Game Application to be developed in Mauritius and in the Indian Ocean. Given its incredible potential as an Eco-friendly Game that teaches kids about Environmental Conservation, History and Waste Sorting Practices, Eco-warriors™ has received the patronage of UNESCO.

Are you ready to unleash the Eco-warrior in you?

This Edutainment Learning Experience aims at building ecological awareness among the younger generation hailing from the islands of the Indian Ocean. From Rodrigues to Mauritius to Reunion Island and lemur-land Madagascar, Eco-warriors™ is a game for parents and kids that merges Education, Fun and Ecological Awareness.

Eco-warriors™: Rodrigues Adventures is the first of many more levels that allow for the Eco-warriors™ story to unravel.

It takes place in Rodrigues, a tiny Mascarene island off the shores of Southeastern Africa. As they go about this exciting journey, players will not only learn about key Historical Facts about Rodrigues island but also visit several real-life Historical sites such as Plaine Corail, Anse Quitor, Caverne Patate and many more.

Choosing Rodrigues as a stepping stone to kickstart the Eco-warriors™ Eco-conscious Adventures was in fact a deliberate choice. In the last years, Rodrigues Island has been widely acclaimed at both regional and international level for implementing long-term sustainable and environment-related policies.

As at today, usage of single-use plastic and pesticides have significantly disappeared from the daily habits of the Rodriguan People.

In the coming years, Rodrigues is also expected to implement numerous eco-friendly projects that will contribute to building the local circular economy.

As a leading example in the Fight Against the Depletion of Natural Resources and Climate Change, Rodrigues is an ideal virtual location for children aged 6 to 12 to absorb the values of sustainable development and understanding the profound significance of keeping our environment clean.

Throughout their travels, Young Players will have to help the Solitaire Bird protect its eggs by from rodents, pests and other hazardous forms of pollution. Simultaneously, kids will also get the opportunity to clean up beaches, forests and Natural sanctuaries by picking up trash and dropping them into recycling bins.

While exploring Rodriguan Wildlife, young players will equally learn about the unique features of the fauna and flora that thrives on the tiny island.

Such milestones will thereafter be translated into actual call-to-actions which will encourage children and parents to introduce sustainable waste sorting practices into their day-to-day habits along with questioning their very own consumption.


- Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)
- 2.0 GHz CPU

Wow.. Great initiative for creating this local apps....
sameera koyratty
Ti pou mari top si ti ena Kreol kouma opsion langaz
Christophe Roquelor
Wow! This is an amazing game experience for kids to teach them about recycling! Never knew about rodrigues but I learnt so much about this island from this game.. Well done!
Veda Lolge