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About Catch Pocket Dinosaurs!

You must have to catch the dinosaurs that have escaped from the Jurassic zoo and are now hiding in the city and scaring civilians. Use your smartphone's camera and built-in radar to search for ancient reptiles. When the dinosaur is near, you will see it through the phone camera, aim and catch his in your pocket collection!

Go explore the streets of your town, parks and squares, city cafes and walking paths, the yard of the house and school to find dinosaurs. You can meet a fast velociraptor, a huge seismosaur, a predatory tyrannosaur or a water plesiosaur. Read about them cognitive description.
Catch all 9 pocket dinosaurs in order to find the main dino-boss!

Collect a complete collection of pocket dinosaurs in your phone!

It's a nice game but I don't no what dino is coming and that scorers me it cod be a raptor
jo-marie de beer
Ok ok ok ok ok ok 😘😊😘😊👍😘
Aanya Kapoor
ganesh ganesh