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About DRUID Impairment Evaluation App

DRUID is a 3-minute test that measures cognitive and motor impairment.

The DRUID app uses neuroscience to bring you a sophisticated tool for measuring performance impairment. Currently available for all smart phones and tablets, DRUID operates like a video game but with each use takes hundreds of cognitive and motor measurements. It is designed to measure impairment from any cause including from marijuana, illicit or prescription drugs, alcohol, fatigue, illness, or injury such as concussion.

Medical Marijuana Patient?

Do you use medical marijuana or other drugs for pain management or for chronic conditions? Use DRUID to help regulate your dosage and make sure you are safe before driving, operating heavy machinery or working with others.

Are your employees fit for duty?

DRUID is also available for the workplace. Protect the safety of your employees. Protect the effectiveness and value of your operation. At any location – in the field, at the office, at home – at any time, use DRUID to assess your employees’ physical and cognitive impairment due to any cause.

For the DRUID Enterprise App, please contact: [email protected]

is there a donation link to kick spme more into r&d for this
vern wolf
This test will really open your eyes!
Starla Jackson
Very benificiel, reliable and accurate app. Great for personal or business.
Darren Coey