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About organic liquid fertilizer

Cultivation is very unfavorable views of many farmers who grow crops productivity be it in the fields, potting medium, medium water or hydroponic plant species as the plant vegetables that contain lots of vitamins to maintain a healthy body or for diet, types of crops such as tomatoes, broccoli , carrots, avocado, durian, apple, orange, watermelon, grapes, kiwi, eggplant, rice, corn, wheat and many more. but all the crops will not succeed without a care maximum harvest, such as pest and disease management, insecticide spraying chemical or organic, chemical and organic fertilizer. but here we teach the farmers how to make liquid organic fertilizer step by step so that farmers can make yourself at home with a small scale or large scale. liquid organic fertilizer can be mixed with bio-pesticide chemicals that can be applied directly on the leaves of plants cultivated us so will thrive and are free from pests, materials that can be utilized is all around us, namely from dry leaves, organic waste kitchen, dung , flowers (plants) that have withered, or hedges that are no longer useful, after the organic liquid fertilizer so it should be stored in a cupboard at room temperature so that the bacteria remain alive so that the organic liquid fertilizer still not deteriorate, get a full tutorial is free and also offline so that you become a successful farmer, let farming.