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About Dr. A's Habits of Health

Dr A's Habits of Health app is a health and well-being platform designed to facilitate and create daily consistent habit installation from every aspect of health.

Start your journey to optimal health by progressively installing 6 new healthy habits and receive daily tasks designed to for optimal health from the following categories:

- Weight Management
- Eating and Hydration
- Motion
- Mind
- Surroundings
- Sleep

Habits of Health is designed to work hand in hand with Optavia's 5&1® and 3&3® meal plans, but also caters for users wishing to create their own healthy eating meal plan using Dr. A's Food charts.

Use Dr. A's Stop, Challenge, Choose technique to help you understand your habit loops:

- Step 1: Stop. Recognize that you are triggering a Habit of a Disease. Pause and take a breath to think about the situation. This helps you regain control over your physiology.
- Step 2: Challenge. Remind yourself of your goals and the choices you should be making to reach those goals.
- Step 3: Choose. Make the healthy choice that gives you a similar reward but is much better for your long-term health."

Dr. Habits of Health integrates with Google Fit and syncs your height, weight, age, gender, BMI and waist circumference so that you can track any changes from to your BMI and Waist circumference from inside the app.

We also sync your steps from Google Fit in order to tracks steps during the motion macro.

Works off and on. Not consistent.
Donna Shaw