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About Opino - Social App for Polls

Opino is a poll centric social media platform where people can engage and share opinions in an easy and fun way.

In current social media platforms such as Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, if someone asks for an opinion, it takes a lot of effort for someone to write a comment and give their opinion back. This leads to posts with lesser user engagement and reduces enthusiasm for a person to post repeatedly. Polls allow people to express their opinions and be part of the conversation effortlessly. For the author it is amazing, as polls usually gather higher engagement than any traditional post. Also for the voter, there is a sense of curiosity to know what is the general public opinion and to get to know whether their opinion matches with the rest of the world.

Now say if someone moves to a new city and wants to gather opinion on small things like which is the best authentic Italian restaurant in their neighbourhood, they won't go to traditional social media platforms such as Facebook/Twitter/Instagram and put up a poll. They will usually ask one or two close friends or search on the internet (where most of us know ratings are inflated). Even though Facebook/Twitter/Instagram support polls, we don’t think of them as an opinion gathering/sharing platform.

Opino provides interactions via polls which reduces the cognitive load required to interact with the posts and also helps us get opinions from our close friends quickly.

Opino has got some cool features:
- Opino provides polling in various forms🔥 - Text, Image as options and Image as background polls
- Anonymous voting 👀. - to share your opinion anonymously
- Groups 👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 - create/join communities and poll with like-minded people
- Comments 💬 - to debate opinions with friends
- Vote list📊 - check what your friends are opining to your poll
- Profile😃 - Build your profile, grow your followers

Opino is the next big social media platform which will become the default opinion (short form) seeking platform for everyone. Opinion gathering/sharing has never been easier.

Happy polling! 🤟

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Amazing concept for a social media app. Extremely enjoyable and highly recommended.
Raminder Pal Singh
It's a great app to get suggestions/opinions of friends easily and even wider audience if required. Intuitive and easy to use. Eagerly waiting for new features.
Srirangan Madhavan
This is an amazing app! Opino is the next big thing!
Koushik Sharma
I've been using Opino for a week now and it's been very fun and insightful. By far, Opino is the best app for polls with richer features than other social media apps like fb and twitter. I especially like th...
V Thejas
Great job with the app. A much-needed social media platform for gathering opinions from your friends! A must app for everyone!!!
Keval Morabia
Superb app with an amazing idea and good experience with a superb UI
manisha jain