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About Oolimo Guitar Chords

Guitar chord finder with explanations, chord analyzer and quizzes. English/German.

Attention: problems may occur with very old Android versions 4.x. You should only install this app on systems with Android 5.x and up.

This app will dramatically increase your understanding of chords and make you a better player and songwriter. Recommended from interested learners to guitar students.
Learn guitar chords, chord naming and chord construction the way used by professional musicians in todays popular music including complex jazz harmony.

Guitar Chord Finder:
No nonsense chords - the chord database is personally maintained by professional guitarist and university teacher Oliver Mochmann. Those chords are then transposed to your selected key by an algorithm that really knows the theory!
Explanations for every chord type with note names that automatically adapt to the selected key/root.
Transfer chords from the Chord Finder to the Chord Analyzer.

Guitar Chord Analyzer:
Instantly get syntactically right chord names for every inversion by entering a chord into the virtual fretboard.
No "chord unknown" message due to the chord analyzer's intelligent algorithm.
Watch your chords notes on staves.
Quick storage helps to memorize and compare several chords.
Advanced features like enharmonic change of the root, double accidentals, slash chord notation.

Improve and strengthen your guitar chord knowledge wherever you are. The various types of tasks will illuminate many aspects of guitar chords like chord construction or derivation, harmonic context, intervals and complementary intervals, differences between chord types or just chord voicings, tensions, modifications, etc. Last but not least the quizzes and are fun to do!

General features:
Interactive fretboard/chord diagram shows note name and interval for each played tone.
Switch between detailed or abbreviated chord names.
Listen to the whole chord or single chord tones.
Switch between english and german language.
Switch between night and day mode for best view at any time.

Best app out there. Worth it.
This app should be a tool for any musician. I'm studying chord theory and am a new music writer. This app is worth every penny. The only two additions I hope for in the future for this app is a more direct w...
Bought the phone app to support the awesome web site, but the app is fantastic as well.
Rick Loseke