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About Petbar

Petbar is an app that allows you to build an account for you and your pets, network and communicate with other users and create a feed and following, that is bound to make all of your friends jealous!

Pets are a huge part of our daily lives, so why not sure the large and even more minuscule moments in their life are posted for everyone to see!

Petbar will give your pet the recognition they deserve, and a huge social media following in the process, because it is a truly innovative and unique app that is purely for pet owners and lovers.

Petbar - changing the world of pets as we know it.


Browse feed
Browse Petbar TV - most popular videos
Upload content in the form of a photo, video or status
In-built Calendar
Places and Merchant Directory
Chit Chat function
Build a social media following
Request to follow other users
Like or comment on other users content


Truly innovative experience for pet owners, pet lovers or businesses
Allows businesses to promote and market directly to their target audience
Businesses can create promotions or sales
Ability to create a strong social media following on your account/s
Increased exposure
Collaborate and connect with other Petbar users
Regular free updates

Our mission is to connect the world one pet at a time and our aim is to give you the opportunity and platform to creatively do so.

We really hope you enjoy Petbar and would love for you to share with us any thoughts or feedback you have!

Love the concept! Easy way to get your fill of animal cuteness!
Heyy Cleary
Brilliant site x
Carolann Simpkins
Julie Albright