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About Doctoralia for specialists

Created by Doctoralia, the experts in digital healthcare

You can now access your Calendar agenda from your smartphone! This brand new app is faster, easier to use and more intuitive. With the Doctoralia app you will be able to check your bookings, create new appointments or view all your patients’ information in one single place.

What can I use this app for?
See a summary of all your appointments for today
Create new appointments at the time of your choice with just one click
Access to the basic information of all your patients

If you have any doubt about how to use this app (or would like to suggest any new feature you’d like to have), please contact us at [email protected] We'll be happy to help!

Me encanta!
Santiago Hernández
Excelente aplicación.
Luis Enrique Vera Arroyo
La opción oara agregar historiales médicos es muy útil, tengo información a la mano desde mi celular.
Lourdes Ortiz