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About VotTak — Best Videos. Endless Fun. Newest Content

VotTak is the newest mobile video platform! Here you can find the funniest and the most interesting content. The application will adapt to your interests and choose the most relevant ones. In VotTak you can find everything you like. Watch videos about dancing, games, life hacks, handmade, sports, food, hit covers, travel, ASMR, comedies, funny animals, fails and more.

VotTak has modern functionality that allows you to quickly view your favorite video on full screen. The smart app will filter the content by itself, and you wont't have to watch what isn't interesting.

Expand your interests with the VotTak app. Be on trend, do not miss viral news and learn new things.

Join the VotTak family! Fill your free time with funny and helpful videos that will inspire you!

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