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About Taxistars

Book your taxi safely, travel with ease, pay smartly. Get the best Taxi app in Bulgaria

TAXISTARS is the first open network for taxi drivers in South East Europe. Taxistars offers you not a just a new way of taxi booking, but the opportunity to turn your choice of taxi into pleasant and safe experience. Taxistars is the first mobile App in Bulgaria to launch in-app card payments. Taxistars provides you with easy and convenient tools to book taxi, control the quality of taxi services, get access to any taxi company using a single taxi app. Multi-language supports allows you to book orders in more than 8 languages including: English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Russian, Turkish, Greek and Bulgarian.

Click your taxi – in just seconds, without calling, only a few taps on your phone screen! More than 30 reliable taxi companies with over 2000 taxis in Sofia, Plovdiv, Burgas, Sliven, Haskovo, Ruse, Vratsa, Montana and Dupnica are ready to pick you up. The service is on trial in Varna, Pleven and Blagoevgrad.

You can create your own group of favourite drivers. Favourite drivers is a Taxistars special feature that allows to personalize your choice of taxi drivers. Taxistars connects you directly if one of your favourite drivers is nearby. You can easily add new favourite drivers with one button click by accessing trip records from Information menu. In a similar way you can blacklist drivers which you want to ban for future orders.

Download Taxistars on your phone and register your account. Save in it your addresses, so you can book a taxi with just 2 clicks. Enter your password just once at the first start of the app. You'll need it only in case your phone gets broken or lost to restore your data.

Main features:

• Book a taxi without a call – you send your taxi order directly from your phone, without any calls and talks or waving on the street. As easy, fast and free as it should be!

• Wherever you are – even if you don't know the address you are at, Taxistars will find your location and your taxi will pick yo up in minutes.

• Reliable drivers – Taxistars is working only with well-known companies with excellent reputation. You can see on screen information about the car and driver who's coming to pick you up, as well as the rating they have received by previous clients. You don't rely on your luck any more.

• Pay smartly with your bank card - without taking your card out of your wallet, get unique PIN code for each trip, define on your own the amount of tip service. Tell you driver that you want to pay by card at the end of trip and the your trip will be paid in a few seconds.

• On the map in real time – you always see what's happening – where the approaching taxi is and your ride's progress.

• Full protection of consumer privacy and data - all data is password protected, no card data is stored locally in your phone or on Taxistars servers, all card data is directly stored on the servers of certified Payment Service Provider during card registration.

• Useful information – the menu at the bottom of the screen allows you to save your favorite addresses and access information about your previous rides and their cost.

Your opinion matters to us! Write us about your experience with the app at:
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Гола вода
Excellent service
Ranmaul Jzaro
Amazing service. Surprisingly adequate responses to client queries, electronic payments are accepted and there is a variety of cars available. I highly reccommend
Христина Илиева