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About Installment & Accounting Pro

An installment and accounting application that organizes the process of lending others money and then follow-up the inputs and monthly payment to customers and choose the period that suits you to notify you in the event that there are late payments and make reports to customers in order to preserve the rights of the parties in order to preserve the rights of the parties suitable for most types of commercial operations such as selling in installments and selling stores and other supplies.

* Application advantages: -
- Add the name of the creditor or institution that owns the entry.
- Add customers without limits. (10 clients for the free version)
- Adding amounts to customers.
Discounting amounts for customers.
- View amounts on clients.
Knowing the customer's overdue amount.
Knowing the number of installments.
- View the amounts for the current customer only.
Create a PDF report and share it via Whats App, email, etc. and send it to the customer (and you can send it directly to Whats App).
- You can call the customer’s number or add an operation by drawing in the main interface on the customer’s name.
- Main search feature for customers.
- Notices for late payment.
- Add investors.
Knowing the investor's clients.
Profit rate for the investor.
Remaining in the investor's portfolio.
Investor payments.
- Various contracts for the client.
- Add products and use them when adding an additional process.
- The feature of backing up your database on the device or the application cloud with the protected Google servers so that you are safe from losing data and recovering it when needed.
- Settings for the application can control some of the options available to the user.
- The app is safe for everyone.
Fully supports Arabic and English.

* The application does not copy or store anything far from the user's device. There are some permissions to quickly retrieve the customer’s number, as well as contact the customer quickly and store the database in your own device or on the application’s cloud after reviewing the terms and conditions.
* The possibility of re-installing the application when changing the device by entering your account with which the purchase was made.
* We will update it continuously to reach the goal.
* One-time purchase.

An enjoyable experience ...

Excellent 👌👍
very good app this is very usefull app for installment dealers
MiR StuDiO
When is the new update coming?😊👍
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