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About OGIDiscounts

This Mobile Application is only for Registered users of who can enjoy all the benefits of the club, on the go from their Android Devices.

Discounts, Deals and Freebies can now be found on the map. Shopping Network is now on your hands and you can show it to your friends or even send them an invitation to join.

With Mobile app, your Representative Backoffice is easier than ever before. All the functions you usually use from the website are now easily found in the app and just a few clicks away.

Some of the features you can find:
- Direct Access to your Backoffice
- Business Search
- Map Search
- Discounts Search
- Deals Search
- Freebies Search
- Contact Manager
- Leaderboards

The Application is Free of charge for members.

Just great!
A Google user
Very useful App!
Great application!! I am very happy about this mobile app because I save money on my daily shopping and also this is a great global business opportunity to increase your income! Thanks guys!