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About Shops: Online Store, Sales Tool & Mobile Catalog

Online catalog for free, customized sales link, responsive site, sell through your smartphone, share your offers on social networks, also have the sales record functionality to facilitate the management of your business!

olist shops is the best alternative for small business (SMBs) and entrepreneurs that want to sell products and services through the smartphone. In less than 3 minutes any business can register its first offer and start to share the sales link with customers on WhatsApp and other social networks. 💲

The best experience for buyers to view the items, using the smartphone or the computer. A free solution that you carry always in your pocket to sell more.

Selling faster is the new trend, with olist shops online catalog app it's much easier to negotiate with your contacts. Stop wasting time sending tens of messages, photos and information about your articles to close a deal.

Improve your online exposure 🔥

olist shops online catalog was developed in a way that enables any company to start using the internet for selling without costs in less than 3 minutes. The best option for businesses that still don't have their own online store or can't build a good sales website from scratch, because is too expensive and time-consuming. Have your own online catalog will help with negotiations, share offers and increasing your relationship to customers interested in your products.

Another common problem is that many entrepreneurs choose ecommerce platforms that are not responsive for mobile usage. In this case, having a mobile store that is leaner and ready for WhatsApp & social networks sharing makes a huge difference.

Use the power of your network 💪

The easiest way to achieve new sales is to re-engage customers that already know your brand and also encourage them to refer new ones. Using a well structured sales link, the products and services of your portfolio achieve a much greater reach.

Become more competitive in Facebook & WhatsApp groups and receive more orders when sharing a complete online catalog with your target audience.

A solution that is as agile as your business 😉

olist shops is totally managed by the smartphone, in order to start selling you just have to register the first item. There are no barriers, select any photo, title or description that you want. Adding a new product or service takes less than 1 minute, this way you have the freedom to complete your online catalog little by little, whenever you have time for that.

Choose the name of your online store and customize your sales link anyway you want, the number of offers is unlimited and the tool has no cost at all. Your only concern is to share the online store with as many people as possible to increase the number of sales.

Close deals faster

The possibility to talk to customers through WhatsApp and social networks certainly helps to sell more, but there's a trap that needs to be avoided.

Merchants that aren't careful usually spend too much time sending messages, photos and product information to people that end up buying nothing. To bargain with potential buyers is one of the coolest tasks in the routine of a seller, but it can become a huge distraction.

The best way to accelerate the negotiation process is to work with an online products catalog that customers can access in their smartphones to check everything that's available.

Register your orders 🛒

We also have the sales record functionality to facilitate the management of your business!

It's only the beginning 🚀

olist shops can already help your business to sell more and soon there will be more amazing features ready to use. Take advantage and create your mobile store!

In the next months we'll launch new atributes related to orders management, integrations with social networks and Google's selling tools :)

Its a nice app, i give it a thumbs up but tou need to improve the appearance for product and writups under it, maybe u make it more attractive
Glory joram
Great app, easy to use!
Fernando Trevisan
Great app to improve your seles and help to manage products!!
Jean Oliveira Rodrigues