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About MusiQuest ECE: Sketch-a-Song Kids

MusiQuest, Sketch-a-Song, is the Early Childhood Education (ECE, ages 2-5) version of MusiQuest. For learners older than 5, please use our primary product, MusiQuest, which is available online at, and includes interactive, guided lessons.

Create your own music with MusiQuest ECE: Sketch-a-Song! Our colorful, intuitive interface makes it fun and easy for young children to make music in seconds.

Try it now and see why kids and people of all ages LOVE composing in color with MusiQuest ECE: Sketch-a-Song. Express your creativity, learn the fundamentals of music composition and increase your music appreciation while having a blast!

Here’s how it works:

- Create music more easily than ever! Simply tap and drag to create, move, and edit notes.
- Build your own ensemble from over 40 free instruments without navigating complicated menus or settings.
- Connect visual patterns with sounds using our colorful, intuitive interface.
- Hear your song play back in real time as you build it.

- Experience our patent-pending musical system, which takes advantage of time-tested music theory principles to make sure that your music sounds harmonious.
- Explore eight different sketchpads and characters, each with their own unique personality and sound.
- Add measures to link sketchpads together and create a beautiful backdrop for your masterpiece!

- Play all of your favorite instruments like a virtuoso.
- Enjoy using high quality samples of over 40 real instruments ranging from rock and pop to orchestral.
- Experiment with melodic instruments in five categories: Keyboards, Strings, Woodwinds, Brass, and Voices!
- Master drums and percussion instruments from around the world.

NOTE: Sketch-a-Song is, and always will be, AD FREE. We do not require an account, and collect no private data. We value your experience and your privacy. For more please see:

MusiQuest makes music accessible and rewarding. PARENTS: empower your child and ignite a lifelong love of music through genuine creativity. TEACHERS: supplement your lessons with an accessible and immediate way to demonstrate instrumentation, rhythm, melody, harmony, and more. KIDS: impress your friends with your awesome songs and have a great time experimenting with musical melodies. Anyone can have fun composing music with MusiQuest!

We are always looking for ways to enhance your experience. Please email us with any suggestions at [email protected] and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.

Find out what kids and educators say about MusiQuest at

Download now to experience it for yourself!

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I love what it does, can't wait to absorb the nuances.
Frank Loesel
This is just AWESOME! You can easily adjust notes, and there are SOOO many different instruments!
love this!
Anna Burrell
I'm not a kid but this is fun and easy to use
Ray Friess
love it.
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