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About E.P.C Hymn Book (English & Ewe)

Portable Hymn Book application containing Evangelical Presbyterian Church Ewe Hymns (Hadzigbalẽ) and English Hymns from the Mawuli School Hymnal.

This application also contains;

1. Topical Indexes for all Hymns (in English and Ewe)
2. Confirmation questions and answers from Hadzigbalẽ (in Ewe)
3. Communion Liturgy from Hadzigbalẽ (in Ewe)
4. Communion Liturgy in English
5. The Apostle's Creed (in English and Ewe)
6. The Lord's Prayer (in English and Ewe)

Switch between dark and light theme or follow your phone's default theme.

All of these and more features that you will love are all built into this application.

All comments and recommendation are warmly welcomed.


Very helpful
Rychyd boyzy
Cool except the audio
Prather P
Very useful, fast and easy to use.
Solomon Kofi