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About Call Break

Callbreak is a very popular Indian classic card game which also known as Lakdi / Lakadi in India.

Octro multiplayer Callbreak game played between 4 players with a standard deck of 52 cards. Callbreak is strategic trick based Indian card game.

Callbreak is a very much similar to other card game called Spades. In call break you played with other 3 players and you need to score best individually to win the game.

Call Break Deal & Bid:

There are five round or five deal of play in every game on every public table (Public table: A table where any one can join and you will be sited randomly with any 3 players available globally). On the first deal dealer will be chosen randomly and after that the turn for dealing will be rotate clockwise. After distribution of all 52 cards between 4 players, all the players required to bid or call the number of hands or tricks they can make in the same round.

Call Break Game Play:

Once the bid placed by all the players, Player next to the dealer will make the first move. The first turn player can throw any card of any suits except of Spade. The suit thrown by this player will be the led suit and each player after him/her must follow the higher rank of same suit, if they don't have higher ranked same suit then they must follow with any card of this led suit, if they don't have this suit at all then they can break this suit by the trump card( which is Spade of any rank), if they don't have spade or don't want to break then they can throw any other card. The highest card of the led suit will capture the hand, but if the led suit was broken by spade(s), then in this case highest ranked card of spade will capture the hand. The winner of a hand will leads to the next hand. In this way the round continues until the completion of 13 hands and after that next deal will begin.

CallBreaks Result Calculation:
After every rounds points will be calculated and once all 5 round completed player will be the higher total of points accumulated in every round will be the winner.

Example of Callbreak points:
Round 1:
Player A Bid: 2 hands, Player B Bid 3 hands, Player C Bid 4 hands and Player D Bid 4 hands

Player A Made: 2 Hands then Points earned: 2
Player B Made: 4 Hands then Points earned: 3.1 (3 for Bid & 0.1 for extra hand made)
Player C Made: 5 Hands then Points Earned: 4.1 (4 for Bid & 0.1 for extra hand made)
Player D Made: 2 Hands then Points Earned: -4 (If player didn't capture the hands he/she Bid, All the bid hands will be count as negative point)

The same calculation will be done in every round and after final round winner will be declared with higher total points.

Octro Callbreak features:
- Play with real players across the globe
- Real time multiplayer game
- Login with Facebook account or play with guest account
- Invite your facebook and WhatsApp friends to play (Coming soon in next release)
- Play with Friends & Family (Coming soon in next release)
- Call Break Tournaments (Coming soon in next release)

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